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Below is a flyer from Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council on an important rally in Mackinaw City on Tuesday May 26, 2:00-5:00 PM, Conkling Heritage Park - shut down the oil pipelines under the Straits.

Over 23 million gallons of oil flow through the Straits pipelines between Lakes Michigan and Huron every day. An accident or spill, especially in winter when the Straits are ice-covered, would coat miles of shoreline in oil, devastate fish and wildlife populations, contaminate drinking water for millions of people and ruin Michigan’s tourism economy.

This rally is especially important today. House Bill 4540, recently introduced to our state legislature, seeks to block all public access to oil, gas and pipeline safety records – including information regarding the location of pipelines, their condition, inspections (or lack thereof), and what they are carrying. Enbridge (owner of the Straits pipeline), and oil and gas industry lobbyists are working hard to get this bill passed. Eliminating public oversight and maintaining secrecy will likely increase the chance of spills, accidents and put all our watersheds and communities at even greater risk.

Join with NMEAC and 20 other organizations including Friends of the Jordan.
Come to the rally, make your voice heard!

NMEAC Pipe Up Image

Studying the Invasive Sea Lamprey in the Jordan River

Dr. Tom Luhring is a post-doctoral researcher at Michigan State University with the Wagner Lab,
which studies behavior and ecology of native and invasive fishes.