2016 Photo Contest Entries and Calendar Winners

Grand Prize winner is Anne Zukowski, Ironton, President's Choice, Bob Omland, East Jordan, Youth Award, Amelie Ruggero, Austin, Texas and Viewers Choice is Courtney McKenzie of East Jordan.

Other Calendar page winners are Lynn Carson of East Jordan, Brian Kozminski of Boyne City, Janell Thomas, of Charlevoix, Teresa Cole of Mancelona, Elizabeth DeKorne of Ellsworth, Preston Cole of Mancelona, James Walsh of Alden, Janet Goodwin of East Jordan, Judy Kotalik of East Jordan and Nolan Kelley of East Lansing.

Calendars may be picked up at BierArt Gallery & Pottery in Charlevoix, Busy Bridge in East Jordan and Jordan River Arts Council building in East Jordan.

-The Jordan Inside-Heather Ruggero 2017-Sandra Kotalik A Buzz with Color-Max Forbrig A Liquid Asset-Gary Forbrig A Little Bit of Piggy in All of Us-Jan Goodwin After the Fall-Gary Forbrig All in a Day's work-Anne Zukowski Almost There-Darcie Dietrich Along the Banks of the Jordan-Teresa Cole Amazing Fall-Sandra Kotalik Autumn Beauty-Jan Goodwin Autumn Snow in the Jordan Valley-Preston Cole Balancing Teen-Karleena Kelley Ball of Frogs in a Mudhole-Anne Zukowski Bee Balm-Janell Thomas Blowing in the Wind-Anne Zukowski Blue Flag Unfurled-Lynne Goodwin Blue Jordan Near Sunset-Nolan Kelley Busy As A Bee, Time to Gather Nexter-James Walsh Butterfly Magnet-Elliot Ruggero Candy Cane Flowers=Anne Zukowski Captivating Wings of Wonder-Jan Goodwin Dew Drops on Clover-Hilary Buell Down the Line-Courtney McKenzie Duck House in River Grass-Nolan Kelley Early Morning Reflections-Janell Thomas Enchanting Impostor-Teresa Payne Evening Stroll-Courtney McKenzie Experience the Jordan River=Jan Goodwin Faerie Realm-Lynne Goodwin Fall Reflections-Anne Zukowski Finch Enjoys Snacking on Wildflower Seeds-James Walsh Finch Snacks on Falls Bounty of Seeds-James Walsh Fly Fisherman - Brian Following the Leader, River Babies-Jan Goodwin Forget Me Not-Darcie Dietrich Golden Fritillary Flittering-Lynne Goodwin Hawk Eye-Courtney McKenzie Hide-n-Seek-Courtney McKenzie Homestead Lane Sunset (Early December)-Jan Goodwin Jacobs Ladder-Darcie Dietrich Jordan River Phoebe-Teresa Cole Jordan Valley Green Snake-Preston Cole Just Hanging Loose-Jan Goodwin Just a Beaver-Courtney McKenzie Lunchtime-Anne Zukowski Marsh Morning-Lynne Goodwin Milkweed in Bud-Lynne Goodwin Mini Train-Sandra Kotalik Mr. Beech, A Friend of the Jordan-Max Forbrig My Tranquility-Elizabeth DeKorne Natural Beauty-Jan Goodwin Natures Tear Drops-Darcie Dietrich Nip in the Air-Janell Thomas Noel, Feliz Navidad-Merry Christmas-Jan Goodwin Over the Jordan and Through the Valley-Preston Cole Patricia Lake-Sandra Kotalik Peace and Quiet, Jordan River-Jan goodwin Pebble Brook (Time lapse)-Nolan Kelley Purple-Amilie Ruggero Refreshing, Natural Beauty (Elm Point-Jan Goodwin River Reflections-Nolan Kelley River Shadow-Heather Ruggero Santa Ditches Sleigh-Adele Forbrig Save Some Honey For Me Mr. Bumble Bee-James Walsh Skating on Thin Ice (The River Meets the Lake)-Jan Goodwin Slow Lazy River-Nolan Kelley Smooth Water - Brian Spring Awakening-Jan Goodwin Stopped by the Rain-Sandra Kotalik Sunburst-Courtney McKenzie Sunken Bridge-Nolan Kelley Taking Flight-Anne Zukowski The Ants Go Marching-Janell Thomas The Golden Years-Jan Goodwin The Jordan River, The Power to Awe-Jan Goodwin The Old House-Sandra Kotalik Tree Tops-Hilary Buell Trout-Brian Two Men with Trout-Brian Up The Lazy River-Bob Omland Uprooted-Max Forbrig Wading in the Deep-Karleena Kelley Walk the Line-Courtney McKenzie Winner, Winner, Our Jordan River-Jan Goodwin Winter on the Banks of the Jordan You Found Me!-Sandra Kotalik lightbox downloadby VisualLightBox.com v6.0