What's in Bloom in the Jordan: Late Summer - Fall

Calico Aster Helleborine Bladder Campion Gooseberries Chickory Turtlehead Evening Primrose Common Mullien Purple Loostrife Oxeye Daisy Panicled Aster Fragrant Bedstraw Cattail Purple Geradia Virgins Bower Sumac White Sweet Clover Common Winter Cress Crown Vetch Black Eyed Susan Queen Annes Lace Chokecherries Joe Pye Weed Bottle Gentian Water Hemlock Cyprus Spurge Common Yarrow Common St Johns wort Lesser Fringed Orchid Asters Maidenhair fern Butterfly weed Common Burdock Fireweed Common Motherwort Dogwood Drupes Indian Paintbrush Great Blue Lobelia Blue Vervain Hoary Alyssum Butter and Eggs Boneset Evening Lychnis Goldenrod Bergamot Fringed Loostrife Hairy Vetch Wild Mint Green Headed Coneflower Field Bindweed Tall Sunflower Indian Pipe Cardinal Flower Great Lobelia Elderberries Daisy Fleabane Woodland Sunflower Soapwort Knapweed Hedge Bindweed Clover Jewelweed lightbox downloadby VisualLightBox.com v6.0