The Watershed Center Restoration and new Pavilion Dedication

It turned out to be a beautiful day for the dedication of the new Picnic Pavilion at the Jordan River Watershed Center. The pavilion, constructed with donations from Elizabeth Proulx and family and the Pray family and FOJ. Betty Proulx envisioned a place where children can participate in activities in the summer safe from hot sun or drizzle as she did when she was a child. In addition to picnic facilities, the pavilion houses a display of an authentic Flat-bottomed River Boat that used to guide tourists and fishermen to the upper Jordan. The boat was donated to the Friends of the Jordan by the Pray family in memory of Dr David Pray. It is a reproduction of the boats used on the river by Pray, Teddy Kotowich and other founders of the Friends of the Jordan. It was built by Andre Poineau as a gift for Dr Pray from his wife and daughters. He is pictured using the boat at the age of 80. Thora Kotowich and Teddy Kotowich Jr. gave some insight into how the boat was used to transport fishermen up the Jordan for trout fishing from the 1940s through the 1970s. Peggy Midener talked about being a young wife during that time period and the healing power of the river on the men who had survived the horror of WWII. It offered a respite from memories of their service and injuries both physical and emotional that they sustained. An Ice Cream Social with the works topped off the celebration on this hot spring afternoon. The pavilion and the Watershed Center may be reserved by community groups for events by contacting the Friends of the Jordan.

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