Remembering our Founders

Friends and Family Remembering Dr. John Richter with Chestnut Tree Planting

Saturday June 6th 2015 FOJ members, friends and family gathered at the FOJ Watershed Center to plant a chestnut tree in remembrance of Dr. John Richter, who passed away one year ago. Dr. Richter was founder and president of Friends of the Jordan for over 20 years. The event provided an opportunity to exchange stories and memories of John.

We are planting this chestnut tree today to remember John and all he accomplished in his life. He was many things to many people, he was a good friend for many of us, a veterinarian, leader in the community, family man, and of course, an environmentalist with a deep love of the Jordan River and its watershed.

Today we take a moment to give him his place in history.....continue reading

The Early Years before FOJ

The “Save the Jordan" steering committee held their first meeting June 27, 1957. A motion was made to organize under Act 200 of Public Acts of 1957 to establish and organize an Intermunicipality committee to study the Jordan River and its tributaries and watershed. The first regular meeting was held July 20, 1967 with the following members present: Ed Rebman, C.C.(Ode) Walker, Dr. David Pray, Thora Kotowich, Bryce Vance also present was John Hodge - Northwest Regional Director of Natural Resources Programs. By Dec. 4, 1967, eight Townships and East Jordan and Mancelona had approved resolution for Act 200. Others agreed to follow. The Jordan River Watershed Committee was formally organized January 15, 1968. Election of Officers: Dr. David Pray as Chairman and C.C. (Ode) Walker as Treasurer took place April 15, 1968