An address by Dr. John Richter at the Bud Jones Memorial August 14, 2004 at Pinney Bridge on the Jordan River

Dear Vivian and all of you that loved and admired Bud,

It is totally fitting that we gather here at this place to remember Bud. Bud's spirit lives here and is all around us. For me, his memories and influences are everywhere. This Valley was his cathedral, his comfort zone, his home.

This is the place where Bud's magnificent spirit could soar and his phenomenal thoughts and imaginations flowed uncluttered. Nature was his truth and he devoted his formidable energies and incredible intellect to preserve it.

I first met Bud not far from here about 15 years ago. I had read something in the newspaper about sand traps and various projects intended to reduce sediment deposition into the Jordan River. Intrigued, I ventured down here to see for myself.

From a distance I watched and listened to this quiet man who spoke volumes. We struck up a conversation and, probably like most of you, I was immediately taken by his easy style and keen mind. Before that day I didn't know that people like Bud existed. This guy was for real, or maybe unreal. He was a walking encyclopedia of all the things I wanted to know.

I was honored to be included with Bud in a select group of people to found the Friends of the Jordan. Bud was not only unanimously elected to be our first President for the next seven years but truthfully, he was the only choice. He was THE man.

Over the years Bud set the tone, set the agenda and guided this fledging organization into what it is today. He was committed to openness and fairness. He graciously gave to all of us the treasure trove of his vast knowledge. His incredible depth, his life long affection for nature and his genuine love of learning permeated our organization. He has been and always will be the “soul” of Friends of the Jordan.

I’ve been a student of Bud's since the day we met. As an understudy I relished his knowledge and absorbed as much as I could. I watched and observed how he ran board meetings and how he could keep the focus while letting everyone speak. In the end he had the uncanny ability to cut through a complex issue to delineate the essential points. I especially appreciated how well Bud treated people and how he could warm a room with his boyish grin. Bud was a genuine American Hero. He was a scientist, an environmentalist, a pilot, and a life-long Student of life, a humble servant, a teacher, a principled clear thinker and a man of uncompromising integrity. He was my friend. my mentor, my teacher and my captain. He treated me like a son.

I am humbled and oppressed to think I am his heir apparent and committed to carrying the torch he lit and used so effectively to enlighten the rest of us. I will forever be proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with Bud Jones to defend the Jordan Valley.

I am forever grateful to have known you; Love John.

(Footnote; During Bud's Memorial a Bald Eagle graced the sky in a final tribute)