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Moving and restoring the Watershed Center (formally the "Trading Post" or "Old Vance Building") to its current location.

The Move slide show

Restoration slide show

The old Vance Building was moved on June 15, 1999, and became the new Jordan River Watershed Center. FOJ has restored the exterior to reflect its historical architecture. The interior has been transformed into an educational/environmental center wherein students, residents, and visitors alike can learn about the unique natural features and history of the Jordan River Watershed. This center will provide a meeting/lecture space, an indoor/outdoor classroom, displays, maps, and demonstrations heightening the environmental awareness and appreciation of the Jordan Valley. Upon completion it will also house the offices of FOJ. The grounds have been landscaped with native plants and low impact trails to provide viewing opportunities of the rich ecologic communities of the Jordan River estuary. Recently an outdoor pavilion has been added with an authentic flat bottom river boat now on display.

Vintage photos of East Jordan and the Flat Bottom River Boat Era on the Jordan River

Album 1 5 pictures 

Album 2  125 pictures

Album 3 Old Newspaper Articles