You can also send your contributions by regular mail to:
Friends of the Jordan, PO Box 412, East Jordan, MI 49727

Donations Policy

Your membership in and donations to the Friends of the Jordan River Watershed Inc. (FOJ) are tax deductible contributions under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, No. 38-3025586. Please consult your tax advisor to obtain the best possible tax benefit.

You may make contributions to the general operating fund or to a specific environmental project of the FOJ Unless you specify otherwise, we will assume your contribution is for the general fund.

FOJ will provide a written acknowledgement for any monetary donation of $75.00 or more. The acknowledgement will include the statement that you received no goods or services for your donation.

When a donation is given to a specific environmental project, the wishes of the donor will be respected. Selection of specific items within the project will be made in accordance with the needs of the project.

All donations and gifts become the property of the FOJ.

Gifts of materials will be accepted only if they meet the same selection criteria as materials normally purchased for environmental work by the FOJ. Gift materials not meeting these standards will be sold, exchanged, recycled or given to other organizations.

If requested, FOJ will provide a written acknowledgement of the receipt of gift materials. The appraisal of the gift materials for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.

Gifts or donations with restrictions may not be accepted unless the Board of Directors of the FOJ specifically accepts the stated restrictions.

Memorial donations will be accepted and integrated into the general operating fund unless different arrangements are approved by the Board of Directors of the FOJ.

Thank You for your support!